• Because we have generations of experience in animal breeding and, most importantly, because we’re a dog family. We encourage you to compare us against other Schnauzer breeders — we promise that we’ll come out on top every time. Bottom line: you’ll be getting the very best Toy Schnauzer, Teacup Schnauzer or Mini Schnauzer available. One that has been Bred with Purpose and Raised with Love.

  • The nature of our breeding program originates from several generations of breeding horses, cows and our other farm animals. We have used these generations-proven techniques so that our Toy Schnauzers, Teacup Schnauzers and Mini Schnauzers have stronger, healthier bodies and can provide many years of family enjoyment.

    Our breeding females will be larger than our breeding males. This allows whelping-ease, which reduces the need for veterinarian-assisted births. We would never breed any Schnauzer, male or female, that demonstrates any genetic weakness or chronic problem. This means that we have taken great care to provide you with the best four-legged companion available. We distinguish ourselves from other dog breeders by implementing these, and several other responsible practices, into our program.

  • Our dogs must first pass our personality, body structure, hair coat and trainability standard testing. We raise the majority of our breeding Schnauzer adults from puppies, so we have an intimate and thorough understanding of their individual strengths and weaknesses. The last test our adult Schnauzers go through before breeding is their OFFA testing; this ensures our offspring inherit excellent health, which promotes longevity. 

  • We do crate training, dog door training, socialization and early neurological stimulation to make sure your puppy comes home ready to fit comfortably into any type of household.

    We breed dogs that are excellent pets and great with kids. We are not about breeding Toy Schnauzers, Teacup Schnauzers and Mini Schnauzers in large numbers. We are utterly dedicated to improving the lives of the families that take one of our Schnauzers as a pet. We know each of our Schnauzers individually.

  • The minimum age is 8 weeks, but if you are buying one of our smaller Schnauzer puppies, he or she may need to stay with us until the age of 12 – 16 weeks.

    Naturally, if you have us start the obedience and house training process, the price will go up and the Schnauzer puppy will not be ready as quickly.

  • Yes. You are not just getting a dog, you’re getting a new member of the family. We take our Schnauzer puppies and their well being very seriously! We want to make sure you are ready for your Schnauzer puppy, and that we have found the just-right Schnauzer puppy for your situation and lifestyle. Over the years, we have formulated a series of questions that help our Schnauzer puppies find the best home, and for the family to find the best Schnauzer puppy.

  • We offer an unprecedented 10 year health guarantee on all of our Toy Schnauzer, Teacup Schnauzer and Mini Schnauzer puppies. Please read over our Health Contract, which is sent home with each puppy.

    We only sell healthy dogs, each Schnauzer puppy undergoes an extensive vet review, and you receive the vet’s original form for your records. In order to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your dog, you have 3 days from delivery to get them examined by a vet. If any issues are found within that time frame, we will provide you with a full refund or replacement Schnauzer puppy at MIK’s discretion.

  • Schnauzers do not shed, and are considered to be hypoallergenic, making them a good choice for people with COPD, allergies or asthma. 

  • Hypoglycemia can be very serious in puppies and young dogs. It’s extremely important for you to be educated in both how to prevent it, and how to help dogs suffering from it.

  • YES!! We know how important your new Toy Schnauzer, Teacup Schnauzer or Mini Schnauzer puppy is, and we want to ensure that we do everything possible to protect the newest member of your family. We offer free micro-chipping and owner enrollment! We enroll your new pet’s microchips through AKC Reunite. We feel this is the best way to ensure that your Schnauzer puppy always makes it back safely to you; if they were ever lost.